Assemblymember Shirley Weber Endorses Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Renowned education advocate says Tuck is “most qualified to be the champion our children need.”

Los Angeles – Dr. Shirley Weber, the Assemblymember representing California’s 79th Assembly District, announced today that she is endorsing Marshall Tuck for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Dr. Weber is a member of the Assembly Education Committee, and is considered one of the leading voices on public education and equity in the state.

In an email to campaign supporters, Assemblymember Weber said:

“Marshall Tuck is the most qualified candidate for State Superintendent, and he’s the only candidate who will bring the change we need to improve public schools. Marshall has seen firsthand how Sacramento has failed too many of our students, and, like me, he refuses to settle for mediocrity or failure. Marshall knows how to turn around underperforming schools because he’s done it before. I’m proud to support Marshall Tuck, and to stand with him in this fight to do what’s right for California’s kids.”

Born to sharecroppers of Hope, Arkansas, Shirley Weber attended UCLA, where she received her BA, MA, and PhD by the age of 26. Dr. Weber is a professor emerita of Africana Studies at San Diego State University; she helped to establish that department in 1972 and became its chair, teaching there for 40 years. She was president of the National Council for Black Studies from 2002- 2006, and served as a board member and later president of the San Diego Board of Education from 1988 to 1996. She also served as chairwoman of the San Diego Citizens’ Equal Opportunity Commission. In 2012, she was elected to the State Assembly, where she has been a leading figure on public education.

Tuck said, “Dr. Weber is a true hero for California’s students, and I am deeply honored to have her support. She is a uniquely courageous political leader who works tirelessly on behalf of our children every day. I deeply respect the fact that Dr. Weber always puts our children first. Together, we’re determined to shake up the Sacramento status quo, and make the changes necessary to make California’s public schools among the best in the nation.”