Video: The Moms

Everything could have turned out differently for my son Jerry.

Jerry is an artistic person, and after he got caught doing graffiti, he got caught up in the court system.

Then we met Marshall Tuck and the team at Green Dot. The school he helped open gave Jerry a chance to get back on track—it made us a promise to help him succeed and even help him get to college.

It was a promise that got kept. Marshall helped save Jerry’s life, and changed mine.

I want to tell everyone about our experience and help make Marshall our state superintendent. Watch this video we put together—and please share it with your friends today.

There’s so much to do to fix public schools in California. I know the task our next state superintendent faces is daunting. But if anyone’s going to get the job done, it’s Marshall.

Watch this video, and please pass it along to help tell friends about Marshall’s campaign.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story,