Video: The Educators

I taught in South L.A. and, truthfully, we were struggling.

We needed a change. And that’s what we got from Marshall Tuck and the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools. They came in with a vision and a plan that helped turn around schools like ours.

Stories like ours are the ones voters need to hear as they decide who should be our next state superintendent. Watch this video from just a couple of the many educators who’ve worked with Marshall—and take a minute to share it on Facebook today.

A lot of people can become overwhelmed by the problems in our public schools and talk about what’s not possible. Not Marshall—I’ve seen him in action, always willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work to solve the hardest problems.

Marshall doesn’t give up. That’s exactly the kind of person I want leading public education in California.

Watch our video, and share it to tell your friends about why Marshall will make a great state superintendent.

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