Elected/Appointed Leaders

Secretary Arne Duncan (Ret.). Education Secretary, Obama Administration

Congressman George Miller (Ret.). Former Chair, House Education & Labor Committee

Bill Honig (Ret.). State Superintendent of Public Instruction and State Board of Education Member

Steve Westley (Ret.). State Controller

California State Senator Scott Wiener

California State Senator Steve Glazer

California Assemblymember Shirley Weber

California Assemblymember Blanca Rubio

California Assemblymember Marc Berman

California Assemblymember Gary Hart (Ret.)

Sam Liccardo; Mayor, City of San Jose*

Monica Garcia; School Board Member, Los Angeles Unified School District*

Richard Vladovic; School Board Member, Los Angeles Unified School District*

Nick Melvoin; School Board Member, Los Angeles Unified School District*

Ellen Rosenberg; School Board Member, Manhattan Beach Unified School District*

Jennifer Cochran; School Board Member, Manhattan Beach Unified School District*

Ellen Multari; School Board Member, La Cañada Unified School District*

Dallas Lawrence; School Board Member, Las Virgenes Unified School District*

Yang Shao; School Board Member, Fremont Unified School District*

Peter Hanley; School Board Member, San Mateo Union High School District*

Matt Taylor; School Board Member, Yolo County Board of Education*

Elizabeth Romero; School Board Member, Riverside County Board of Education*

Chuck Reed; Mayor (Ret.), City of San Jose*

Portia Cohen; Mayor (Ret.), City of Manhattan Beach*

Jim Reed; Mayor, City of Scotts Valley*

Courtenay Corrigan; City Council Member, Town of Los Altos Hills*


The San Francisco Chronicle

The Association of California School Administrators

Education Leaders

Tim Bowers; County Superintendent of Schools, Kings County*

Tom Changnon; County Superintendent of Schools, Stanislaus County*

Greg Franklin; Superintendent, Tustin Unified School District*

Beth Polito; Superintendent, Woodside Elementary School District*

Curt Dubost; Superintendent, San Miguel Join Union School District*

Christopher Cerf; Superintendent, Newark Public Schools*

Dr. Dennis Byas; Superintendent (Ret.), San Lorenzo Unified School District*

Joan Sullivan; Chief Executive Officer, Partnership for Los Angeles Schools*

Marco Petruzzi; Chief Executive Officer, Green Dot Public Schools*

Marcia Aaron; President, KIPP Los Angeles Schools*

Dan Katzir; President, Alliance College-Ready Public Schools*

Emilio Pack; President, STEM Prep Schools*

Sapna Boze; School Board Member, Gateway Public Schools*

Corri Ravare; Chief Operating Officer, Extera Public Schools*

Irene Sumida; Executive Director; Fenton Charter Public Schools*

Matt Hammer; President, Innovate Public Schools*

Caprice Young; Educator, Magnolia Public Schools*

Jeanette Parker; Founder, Today’s Fresh Start Charter School*

Liza Bercovici; Executive Director, Gabriella Charter Schools*

Amie Sugarman; Vice President, Alliance-College Ready Public Schools*

Ellen Moir; Founder & CEO, New Teacher Center*

Chiara Garoznik; Chief of Staff, New Teacher Center*

Jason Singer; Executive Director, Education Matters*

Brian Greenberg; Foundation Leader, Silicon Schools Fund*

Alex Johnston; President, Impact for Education*

Katherine Bradley; President, CityBridge Education*

Jonathan Klein; Chief Executive Officer, GO Public Schools*

Sarah Angel; Board Member Chief of Staff, Los Angeles Unified School District*

Luis Rios; Education Consultant, California Department of Education*

Gary Jones; Administrator, Kern County Office of Education*

Bhavini Bhakta; Assistant Principal, Arcadia Unified School District*

Dr. La Shawn Denise Witt; Assistant Principal, Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District*

Farnaz Simantob; Co-Founder, Valley Education Action Committee*

Phil Han; Administrator, UCLA Anderson School of Management*

Mary Najera; Director of Community Relations and Recruitment, Extera Public Schools*

Jeff Harris; Director of School & Community Partnerships, Compton Unified School District*

Debby Martin; Retired Teacher, San Mateo High School District* (Marshall’s High School Teacher!)

Courtney Sawyer; Principal, 99th Street Elementary*

Spencer Burrows; Teacher, The City School*

Jennie Herriot Hatfield; Former Teacher, Oakland Unified School District*

Will Heuisler; Teacher, Animo South LA*

Rich Howell; Teacher (Ret.), Penn Valley Elementary School District*

Sharon Owens; Teacher, Fresno Unified School District*

Jonathan Erickson, Educator, Redondo Beach Unified School District*

Wanny Hersey; Educator, Bullis Charter Schools

Caterina Meyers; Teacher, Drew School*

Hrag Hamalian; Educator*

Nalini Lasiewicz; Science Aide, La Cañada Unified School District*

Heather Hopkins; Community Organizer, Toddle Flexible Preschool*

Joan Parker; Librarian (Ret.), Palo Alto Schools*

Shelly Lether; Educator, Valley Prep Academy Charter School*

Alison Diaz; Educator, Environmental Charter Schools*

Parker Hudnut; Educator, ICEF Public Schools*

Michael Barker; Head of School, Ambassador High School*

Ari Engelberg; Educator, Harvard-Westlake School*

Kate Mulligan; Head of School, Chartwell School*

Denise DeSantis; Director of Development, St. Raphael School*

*Organizations and titles are listed for identification purposes. Support is made in one’s individual, unofficial capacity, and does not imply support or endorsement from the listed organization.