Students Endorsing Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent Say: “We Need an Educator Not a Politician to Lead Our Schools”

Students for Education Reform Action Network (SFER Action Network) California today announced its support for Marshall Tuck for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. College students from LA and the Bay Area made their endorsement following a comprehensive candidate endorsement questionnaire and hosting a Q&A forum where candidates had the opportunity to vie for the students’ endorsement. Assemblyman Tony Thurmond declined to respond to the questionnaire or attend the Q&A forum with students.

“We need an educator not a politician to lead our schools,” said Miquitzli Herrera, SFER Action Network CA Student Leader. “That’s why I’m supporting Marshall Tuck for California State Superintendent— because of his proven track record of success as an educator opening eight of the best high schools in the country. Marshall Tuck will fight for schools that send more California kids to college and not prison.”

Of the endorsement, Marshall said:

“I’m proud to have the support of Students for Education Reform Action Network. This student-led organization has been at the forefront when it comes to effectively organizing first-generation college students who reflect the diversity of California’s public K-12 schools. It’s so important that students who have experienced the unjust education system are empowered as we work together to improve our public schools dramatically. Because despite hard-working educators and incredible students, California public schools rank 44th in the nation. The system hasn’t worked for kids in a long time, and we need change. Student voices should drive that, and SFER has been the embodiment of that. Politicians have failed to prioritize our communities and our students, and it’s why we need an educator who has delivered real results for our neediest kids as the top education official. SFER has focused on such critical issues as closing the school-to-prison pipeline and ensuring progress is made on closing the opportunity gap. These are priorities of mine, and I look forward to working with SFER on these and other important issues facing our public schools.”

You can read the full press release here: SFER AN CA Endorsement Press Release