Students Above All

40 years ago, California’s public schools were among the nation’s best.

Today, our 4th graders rank 48th in reading and 49th in math. At a time when education matters more than ever, nearly half of California’s students can’t read or write at grade level. And for students in poverty, the reality is far worse.

For decades, politicians have promised to fix the problem – but failed to make the big changes necessary. They’ve blocked new ideas and common-sense reforms. And now the Trump Administration is trying to undermine the very promise of public schools.

This is more than a policy failure – it’s a moral stain on the State of California. And in a globally competitive economy, it’s a clear threat to our future.

I’m running for State Superintendent because we have settled for mediocrity for too long. No more excuses. No more empty promises. It’s time for bold action to renew the promise of public education for all of our children.   

That’s what I’ve been doing for most of my career – working with parents and teachers to turn around failing schools and open new, high-quality public charter schools in some of LA’s poorest neighborhoods. Read More

I know from experience that this work is not easy. There are no shortcuts or silver bullets. Instead of more political bickering, we must all work together to do what’s best for kids.

  • Champion every child’s right to free, safe, and high-quality public schools.
  • Ensure an effective teacher in every classroom, and a strong principal in every school.
  • Do more to help students who need help the most.
  • Empower teachers, principals, and parents to make more school decisions.
  • Fully fund our schools with strict transparency and accountability for every tax dollar.
  • Give every child classwork that prepares them for the 21st Century economy and inspires them to pursue their dreams.

California doesn’t shrink from big problems – we solve them. We know what it takes to educate our children. Now we need the political courage to do it.    

As a parent and lifelong Californian, I refuse to give up on our public schools.

If you agree, please join our campaign – and let’s take bold action to finally give all children the education they deserve.