Happy New Year! We hope you and your family are well and that 2020 will be a year of hope, joy and love for you all.


While 2019 certainly had some highlights, we are definitely looking forward to moving on from the year. 2019 was challenging for the Tuck crew. We had the lingering hangover from a big professional disappointment (i.e. 2018 election loss), a major illness in our family (it is better now but it was serious and emotional), and some bumps in the road on the journey of parenting (far more joy than bumps, but sometimes you feel the bumps more).


We have definitely grown a lot over the last year and our gratitude for our friends and family, and for all that we have, continues to increase. Our commitment to helping others also grows, as we constantly remind ourselves, particularly when we are going through challenges, how lucky we are to have such wonderful family/friends and to have access to healthcare and resources. Our strong belief that we have a moral obligation to make sure everyone has access to food, healthcare, education, opportunity and love only continues to grow.


On the updates front, Mason is 8 and a half. He loves playing Minecraft, creating imaginary worlds and playing with other kids (every day we get the same question – who are we playing with today). He is more a fan of the arts than sports (luckily he is still a big Lakers fan), and we are always on the lookout for activities that he enjoys. Mae left HopSkipDrive in early 2019 and has been consulting to give her better work life balance (it also enables her to work on multiple brands at once – she loves her brands). Mae is currently working with two start-ups (telecom and a new coffee company) and a larger hospitality company. She is trying to find more time for yoga, tennis and of course, shopping. Marshall has spent 2019 advising a number of education non-profits and foundations on how they can best support California’s public schools. He is in the early stages of looking for his next long-term opportunity and remains very focused on the work of ensuring that our most underserved students receive the education they deserve.


We move into 2020 filled with optimism and hope. We hope we get a chance to connect with you this year.


Mae, Marshall and Mason (he loves photo bombing)