Renew the promise of public education

Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent


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Students Above All

Marshall will put students ahead of politics and take bold action to renew the promise of public education in California schools.

Tuck has worked with parents and teachers to turn around failing schools and open new, high-quality public charter schools in some of LA's poorest neighborhoods.

Together, we can give all of our children the schools they deserve.

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A little family park time this Father's Day. Happy Father's Day, everyone!

Thank you, Miriam, for being such an important part of our team, and for sharing your experiences with us all:

In the best interest of state, country 2 make sure kids have long-term stability. Kids dont thrive in uncertainty.

Lots of work 2 do when it comes to bringing more of CA's top talent into teaching, but the solutions are out there.

When we say we are renewing the promise of public education it means we are fighting 4 schools that educate ALL kids

Unacceptable & California Dept of Ed needs 2 disaggregate data, so we can address intolerable opportunity gaps.

Great news! #AB1220 cleared Assembly floor & is headed to the Senate. Thank you @DrShirleyWeber & all those working to support our teachers!

We should continue 2 find innovative ways to bring diverse individuals into teaching. via @EdSource #teachershortage

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