Renew the promise of public education

Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent


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Students Above All

Marshall will put students ahead of politics and take bold action to renew the promise of public education in California schools.

Tuck has worked with parents and teachers to turn around failing schools and open new, high-quality public charter schools in some of LA's poorest neighborhoods.

Together, we can give all of our children the schools they deserve.

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Fun to have @Seal at our event last night! Like he said, we have to all come together and do more for our kids.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those suffering bc of the fires. I'm inspired by the work of educators, others rushing to help.

Getting some good insights from student leaders at Junior State of America.

From Pepperdine to San Diego today. We're talking equity and much more, with the California Latino School Boards As…

Humbled 2 have endorsement of @arneduncan, Pres. Obama's Education Secretary. I admire the work he has done for children across our country.

I'm headed to @pepperdine this Friday to discuss building collaborative education policy in California. Join us:

Hard not to be consumed by what happened in Vegas last night. Thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted.

A great way to spend a Sat afternoon: talking about uplifting the teaching profession w/ tenure reform. #AB1220

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