Renew the promise of public education

Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent


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Students Above All

Marshall will put students ahead of politics and take bold action to renew the promise of public education in California schools.

Tuck has worked with parents and teachers to turn around failing schools and open new, high-quality public charter schools in some of LA's poorest neighborhoods.

Together, we can give all of our children the schools they deserve.

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A victory 4 students. A shame that families can't count on political leaders 2 protect rights. #SpEd #spedchat

Too few #LCFF $ get 2 students that generate it; parents of students w/ special needs r rightfully nervous #spedchat

Supreme Court can get together to unanimously determine kids are owed more-- we should all do the same. #spedchat

When kids aren't in school, we all lose. To the tune of $2.7 billion. #RestorativeJustice #schooltoprisonpipeline

A critical victory for students with special needs from the Supreme Court today: #Endrew #SCOTUS #SpEd

Flexibility in public education means parents, teachers, & local leaders can build innovative schools for students.

Grateful for your support!

CA is failing high need students and taxpayers: funding for neediest students diverted in LAUSD @edsource #BigChange

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