Renew the promise of public education

Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent


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Students Above All

Marshall will put students ahead of politics and take bold action to renew the promise of public education in California schools.

Tuck has worked with parents and teachers to turn around failing schools and open new, high-quality public charter schools in some of LA's poorest neighborhoods.

Together, we can give all of our children the schools they deserve.

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Happy First Day of School from Mason and the whole Tuck family!

Our schools have a role to play in ending racism in this country. #CharlottesvilleCurriculum

Love you taking action for our kids cousin! @BoysTown

As we discuss teacher shortage in California, schools are getting ready for new year and don't have enough teachers…

Really enjoy visiting communities around CA, hearing how fired up people are to improve public schools. Join us:…

We need to make sure parents have accurate info about their kids & schools so they can be true partners in this work

Saw this in a coffee shop while visiting educators and community leaders in Salinas today... 1/2

Thank you @GOFresnoSchools and Diego Arambula for all you do to support students and families in Fresno. Great meet…

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